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More Level Information?
NoteSwift (guest) 07 Dec 2015 00:18
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My issue is that I'm trying to get to the boss levels. I currently need one silver key, a gold key or two, and the rest is just a matter of getting SS on the boss key levels. I searched for a wiki (like this one) to help me with this, but all that this wiki gives me is information on which levels are in which category. I just now managed to find out how to get to each level's door, but getting the appropriate keys is another thing. Hopefully this is something that can be changed in the future? At least some basic info like what song plays and which key it gives would be enough for me to be satisfied.

Looking forward to some awesome stuff from this wiki.

More Level Information? by NoteSwift (guest), 07 Dec 2015 00:18
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